Jointly Funded Bilateral Mobility Program

The Jointly Funded Bilateral Mobility Program (JFBMP) is an exclusive program with IIT Madras’ valued strategic partners. This flagship program aims to nurture international
relationships by promoting Joint Research Programs through attractive mobility funding for students and faculty.


 Provide a platform for long-term inbound international students under Joint Doctoral Program/Joint Master’s Program with highly reputed institutes
 Offer an opportunity to initiate joint guidance for Master/Ph.D. programs
 Present an opportunity to explore bilateral regional grants
 Encourage and leverage novel international collaborations via initiating research partnerships


 JFBMP is a mobility (assistance) program committed to support the air fare (student & Faculty) and living expenses of the student at IIT Madras.
 One way air fare will be provided, subject to departing country being India. Partner university is expected to take care of the arrival air fare.
 The living expenses of the foreign student upon arrival at IIT Madras will include fellowship at par with Indian students, with an additional top-up by 50% of the equivalent fellowship they receive at their home institute. Partner institute is expected to provide the living expenses of the Indian student.

 Mirror funding from partner institution is mandatory for feasibility of JFBMP.
 IIT Madras to provide a maximum funding of USD 50,000/- for between two to
three years.
 Minimum stay/mobility is expected to be 3 months to a maximum of 3 years
 Typically, 4-5 proposals will be funded. Provided there has been significant mobility
in both directions, extensions to the program can be considered.




Figure: Procedure for proposing a Jointly Funded Bilateral Mobility Program

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