About the Program

International students who want to pursue a full time Masters or PhD program can apply through their respective Embassies for admissions at IITM.  


Application Procedure

Funding Details

Application Deadline


Will I get an additional scholarship from IITM apart from what I receive from my Embassy?

No additional scholarships will be given to Embassy sponsored students.

What if a certain program is not sponsored by my Embassy?

In case the degree you want to pursue is not sponsored by your Embassy, you can apply directly to IITM.


- Mr. Gemechis Kebede Ethiopia

"I came to study PhD. in Transport and Traffic Engineering to gain and to expand more knowledge. Studying abroad is full of surprises and good memories. It gives a good opportunity to learn a new culture, different food and meet peoples. In my stay, I am very fulfilled and glad by choosing IITM by the Professors and administrative personnel’s. I feel that IITM is preparing and shaping me for a great breakthrough to the future and my success."



Ms. Deepa Alexander

Principal program administrator Global Academic Initiatives

Email: global.programs@old.old.ge.iitm.ac.in Tel: 044-22574928


Ms. Caroline Wilson

Associate program administrator Global Academic Initiatives

email : inbound2@old.old.ge.iitm.ac.in Tel: 044-22574928

Ms. Akshaya Shridhar

Associate program administrator Global Academic Initiatives

Email: inbound1@old.old.ge.iitm.ac.in Tel: 044-22574928

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