Opportunities Abroad

TU Dresden

TU Dresden

Dear Students,

To be nominated, interested students should submit the duly filled Letter of Approval form (signed by Faculty Advisor and Head of Department) along with the passport copy and your official transcripts to outbound@old.ge.iitm.ac.in.

Pl note: If you are currently not in the campus and if it is difficult to get the approval letter signed, approval can be received through email and the corresponding emails can be forwarded.

Nominations submitted in this application round are strictly for the autumn semester 2021 and for the full academic year 2021/2022.

Nomination deadline: 25 April

 No late nominations or applications will be considered.

Application deadline for nominated students: 15 May

TU Dresden is accepting exchange students for fall 2021, but of course we do not have any influence on possible travel bans due to Covid19. We can also not predict yet whether the upcoming semesters will be virtual semesters or hybrid semesters or when real classes will resume. However, we always update information on that at https://tu-dresden.de/studium/vor-dem-studium/internationales/austauschprogramme

For more information: https://tu-dresden.de/studium/im-studium/ressourcen/dateien/akademisches-auslandsamt/infomaterialien/factsheet_TUD_generell_2021_2022_barrierefrei.pdf?lang=en

You can download a wealth of photos, current brochures and our current factsheet at https://cloudstore.zih.tu-dresden.de/index.php/s/ASWWXGRBrnDiHAs. Additionally, several of the brochure are also available for download at https://tud.de/international/public

Videos to link to can be found on our YouTube channel. I recommend: https://youtu.be/p_hEXVcYqlU, https://youtu.be/tQANbXOuKpE and for Dresden in general: https://youtu.be/mo0mCwg33xI

If possible, please also link to our social media channels: https://www.instagram.com/tudresden and https://www.facebook.com/TUDresden.


Please let me know if there are any questions.


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