Opportunities Abroad

Technical University of Munich (TUM)

 Technical University of Munich (TUM)



 1. E-nomination


To be nominated, interested students should submit the duly filled Letter of Approval form (signed by Faculty Advisor and Head of Department) along with the passport copy and your official transcripts to outbound@old.ge.iitm.ac.in.

Pl note: If you are currently not in the campus and if it is difficult to get the approval letter signed, approval can be received through email and the corresponding emails can be forwarded.

Nomination Period: October 15

Application period: October 30 


  1. Visa application


Applicants from non-EU nations normally need a visa to study in Germany. In order to find out if they need a visa and how to apply, they must contact the embassy or consulate of the Federal Republic of Germany in their home country. Application processing times can vary greatly depending on volume of applications and the applicant’s home country. It is recommended to submit the complete application at least two months prior to the student’s departure. For further information please see https://www.international.tum.de/en/exchangestudents/general-information-for-international-students/informationen-fuer-internationale-austauschstudierende/preparing-your-stay/#c7178.


  1. Application documents


Application forms and a list of supplementary documents can be found here under “2. Apply at TUM”: https://www.international.tum.de/en/comingtotum/tumexchange/


IMPORTANT: To send paper versions of the application via post / courier is not requested anymore!


The process: Students need to…

  1. fill in the application form in the online portal
  2. upload all necessary documents and finalize the process in the portal as requested there (uploaded documents should not be write protected in any case)
  3. submit the data via the portal to TUM.
  4. send an e-mail to deMier@zv.tum.de and attach the PDF version of the “Full application” (this “Full application” will be produced by the portal and must include the online form and all uploaded documents) as soon as they submitted the application via the portal. This is really important, as without getting this e-mail or getting it after deadline, this will lead to a rejection of the application!


Deadline: Students need to submit their documents via the portal and send the just mentioned “Full application” before deadline


  1. Language skills / requested levels and confirmations


At TUM many of the classes offered are conducted in German (see point 7). If your students undertake courses conducted in German and don’t have a reasonable knowledge of German, they could have a problem studying here.


If your students want to attend courses taught in German at TUM, proficient German skills are key. If they want to attend courses in English, they should also have excellent English skills:

TUM departments request a German respectively English certificate of at least B1 (exceptions: TUM School of Management, School of Education and Center of Life and Sciences in Weihenstephan: here a level of at least B2 is requested). The required language skills can also be found in the agreements between our universities.


Accepted certificates which confirms the students´ current language skills:

  • Can be a certificate / confirmation issued and signed by the home university or any language school.
  • Can be included in the official transcript.
  • Official certificates as Goethe, Toefl, etc are not necessary.


Not accepted confirmations:

  • Self-assessment tests (e.g. Europass, OLS test) without signature of the home university
  • Self-written statements of students without signature of the home university


Language confirmations must be included in the application sent by May 15, 2021.

  1. German courses


Even if students will be attending lectures in English at TUM, a basic knowledge of the German language is recommended to make the most of the stay and make daily life in Munich a smoother and more enjoyable experience.


Therefore, we always recommend that our incoming students participate in German courses:

  1. German courses at TUM:https://www.sprachenzentrum.tum.de/en/languages/german-as-a-foreign-language/ (there are no special language courses only for exchange students at TUM)
  2. Some other online courses:https://www.study-in-germany.de/en/discover-germany/german-language/german-language_41118.php


  1. Courses and language requirements / examinations


All questions regarding courses and examination dates at TUM?

è Please contact the TUM department in charge: see here under “Information on courses, exams, Learning Agreement/Study Program and other academic matters” under the TUM department your students are interested in: https://www.international.tum.de/en/comingtotum/tumexchange/


Where to find courses?

è All courses that are offered at TUM are listed at the following link:  https://campus.tum.de/tumonline/ee/ui/ca2/app/desktop/#/login (important: Students should NOT login in TUMonline only click button “continue without login”! Registration for all exchange students will be done automatically by TUM after they are accepted! Descriptions can be found on our website (see: Application procedure for TUMexchange / 2. Apply at TUM / Required documents /  Study plan / Learning Agreement):https://www.international.tum.de/en/comingtotum/tumexchange/


How to find the course and module catalog?

è Your students can find a list of all TUM Departments and TUM Schools herehttps://campus.tum.de/tumonline/wborg.display_virtuell?PORGNR=1&PORGTYP=28567. Your student can click on the relevant TUM Department /School. Under the section “Teaching and Research” your students can find the Module Catalogue and Courses.

If there are no courses listed for the semester they want to study in (which usually is the case as they are planning their studies in advance of faculty timetabling), they should just choose the same semester for which they are planning to come but for the previous year (the offered courses in each semester usually stay the same).


Important: The main number of courses (at least 60%) your students will attend at TUM need to be in the TUM department where they are registered in at TUM! Additionally, they can choose courses from other TUM departments.


Language of instruction?

è Please note: many courses are only held in German – not in English – and it is very important for students to confirm the language of instruction for the courses they intend enrolling in. In addition, the fact that a course description is written in English does not necessarily mean that the course is also taught in English! They can find the course language within the course description.


Language requirements?

è B1 or B2 in the language(s) of instruction. Please see the agreement regarding requested language levels. It is very important to check the agreements, as the requested language level is different from TUM department to TUM department! Please hold on the level mentioned within the agreements, as acceptance cannot be guaranteed if disregarding it.


Date of examinations?

è Examinations depend on the TUM department, but often take place: -> see semester dates point 1.

è Unfortunately, earlier or extra examination dates for exchange students cannot be arranged. They need to take part in the regular examinations as all other TUM students.


Can students write a thesis instead of attending courses?

è If your students are planning to write a thesis / project within their exchange program at TUM, they can only do so at the TUM department they are assigned to (within agreement places). They cannot do it in another TUM department or any external company / institution if they want to get enrolled at TUM. They also need to find a TUM supervisor by themselves until application deadline. 


  1. Further steps: acceptance, admission letter,…


  1. After receiving all students´ application documents we will forward them to the concerned TUM department wherethe final decision of acceptance is made.
  2. After students are accepted by the TUM department,they will receive their official TUM admission letter via e-mail from TUM G&A Office, which will be sent out from July on! In the admission letter they can find further information about next steps:
  • For enrollment every student attending TUM (also all exchange students!) has to pay theStudent union fee and the solidary contribution for the semester ticket of in total 144,40€ / semester (current status).
  • Additionally every student needs to haveproof of a German national insurance (see “Obtain health insurance”) to enroll at TUM (if students are over 30 years old, they do not need an insurance policy for enrollment at TUM).
  1. Housing


If you are a TUMexchange partner, please observe the changed policy of the Student Union regarding the payment of the rent and the changed application procedure.


Accommodation in Munich is scarce and competition for housing high. TUM Global&Alumni Office gets a limited number of dormitory offerings with a tutor supervision program (i.e. Service Package) from Munich Student Union, which are primarily reserved for the ‘TUMexchange’ program participants. While filling in the application form for the exchange at the TUM, in the section Further information, exchange students have the opportunity to inform TUM Global&Alumni Office about their wish to accept the Service Package offer. Depending on the number of free dormitory places exchange students will receive either a confirmation or a rejection from TUM Global & Alumni Office via email the latest in August for winter semester and the latest in January for summer semester.


Please find further information about the Service Package dormitory offer here:https://www.international.tum.de/en/accommodation/#c5686


Please note: From winter semester 2021/22 students will have to transfer the rent for six months and the deposit in advance to reserve this accommodation.


Due to the current situation, we do not know how many dormitory room we receive in the winter term 21/22. If no accommodation is available due to a high number of applicants, students will be notified in time and get useful tips for accommodation search on the private market.


Useful tips for finding rooms on the private market in Munich (single rooms, apartments, WGs (“Wohngemeinschaften”)) can be found here under “Information for exchange students of other programs, e.g. Erasmus”:



  1. Tax-ID for opening a bank account


Since 2018 it is obligatory to show a tax-ID for opening a bank account: When coming to Germany, students should bring their own tax-ID from their home country. Please help them with this matter.

They can also get a German tax-ID. But this is much more difficult and needs a lot of time (6-8 weeks). This time is often too late for opening a bank account, as e.g. landlords, TUM sports (if taking part) need bank data earlier. So it is not really an option.

  1. Signatures

Study plan / Learning Agreement (only if necessary):

Will be signed by the TUM department (not the TUM Global & Alumni Office).

Signatures are available at earliest after students received their TUM admission letter. Students need to contact their TUM departmental coordinator to receive the signed version, as in most cases it will not be done automatically. This can be done via e-mail or when students are at TUM.

Confirmation of stay:

Will be signed by the TUM department (not the TUM Global & Alumni Office):

  • Signature of arrival: Will be signed by TUM department only AFTER the first academic activity at TUM (e.g. Orientation weeks, language course). Not earlier. Students needs to contact their TUM department to receive signatures.
  • Signature of departure:  Will be signed by TUM department only at the time of the LAST academic activity at TUM (e.g. end of courses, exam, end of thesis). Not earlier or later. Students needs to contact their TUM department to receive signatures.

All detailed information regarding the application process, health insurance, German courses at TUM and in Munich, formalities in Germany, …etc. can also be found in our attached Fact Sheet or under the following link: https://www.international.tum.de/en/exchangestudents/


For further information and other questions please do not hesitate to contact us: deMier@zv.tum.de


Harish R.


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