Life @ IITM

  • What is the caller’s affiliation with the University?
  • Text for selection #1, e.g. “Student”
    • Follow-up question to selection #1, e.g. “What type of student are they?”
    • Selection #1 for follow-up question, e.g. “They are an undergraduate student.”
      • Follow-up question, e.g. “Is the student currently employed by the university?”
      • Selection #1, e.g. “Yes, they are currently employed by the university.”
        • Undergraduate students who are currently student employees are eligible to use AwesomeSauce on any university-owned computer. Direct the student to talk to their supervisor about getting an AwesomeSauce account created for them. Their account will be active as long as they remain employed.

          If their position through the university ends, they will still be able to purchase the non-Enterprise version of this software, GoodGravy. They can then transfer their account data from AwesomeSauce to GoodGravy.

      • Selection #1, e.g. “No, they are not currently employed by the university.”
    • Selection #2 for follow-up question, e.g. “They are a graduate student.”
  • Text for selection #2, e.g. “Alumni”
  • Text for selection #3, e.g. “Faculty or Staff”
  • Text for selection #4, e.g. “Former Faculty or Staff”


Wake up- Before time, so that you don’t miss your classes

If you are a morning bird and want to catch that worm, here you go-

  1. Manohar C Watsa- Jog through the Marina mist carried to the running tracks in early mornings

The stadium track has a “Class II Athletics facility Certification” by the International Associations of Athletic Federations (IAAF) and a walker pathway along the periphery of the track. It provides a unique experience amidst the forest cover.

  1. Gymkhana- Burn some calories 

No worries if you are a night owl, you will find your flock.

The Mess- (6:45am-9am) 

Breakfast! So, what’s on the plate?

Start your day with a cup of filter coffee to shag off the drowsiness.

  1.  North Indian: They serve a heavy breakfast that satiates you well. 
  2.  South Indian: As the consensus goes, breakfasts in SI mess are the best. They have a variety of dishes all from the cuisines of South Indian states.

There are often free slots available during weekdays. It’s better to use them wisely.


Lectures can sometimes be tiring, so you might want to go to your room and take a power nap, or you might also want to play a game of TT, Chess, or any such activity in your free time.

Some wise people use this time to complete their pending assignments and research further about what’s being delivered in the lectures. The library is the best option in such cases. Also, it gives some relief from the warm climate of Chennai.
The most favourite destination of the night howls in the institute. It is well known for serving a variety of mouthwatering snacks ranging from sandwiches, puffs, burgers, Namkeens, Biscuits to refreshing beverages. The canteen is embellished with a foosball table to make your night memorable.
  • On-campus:
    If you’ve got free slots between classes. Check out these places-
    Higginbothams: If you are a bookworm, it will be thrilling to take a break from classes and slip into this small and cosy bookstore. It is a tiny branch of the oldest bookstore of the country located on Mount Road which goes by the same name. 
  • Off-campus:
    Gandhi Mandapam: Out of the main gate, on 15 min distance lies a massive, almost deserted structure. It is quiet, and one can linger in the greenery by reading, napping, or simply hanging out with your group of friends.


It’s noon now and it’s time for lunch. Where would you like to go?
  1. I don’t want to go anywhere far. – Mess
A weekday lunch in Insti is a hurried affair (not as much as breakfast though). Nevertheless, they still offer complete meals: the North Menu’s dal or vegetable curries with a side dish go well with chapatis and rice, while the South Menu serves a rice platter loaded in side dishes. 
  1. I’m done with mess food, but I’d stay in Insti – On-campus eateries.
  1. I haven’t stepped out in a while. Chennai food, here I come! – Off-campus eateries

Chennai certainly has a plethora of cultures and cuisines. Here are some of our all-time favourites:
  1. Mummy Daddy Andhra Mess – Mummy Daddy, fills our hearts with their spicy Andhra food and fills our stomachs from their sizable portion qualities and affordable prices.
  2. Writer’s Cafe – This quaint cafe is a favourite for two obvious reasons: there’s delicious, mostly-Italian food, and books you can buy.
  3. Phoenix Marketcity – A 15-minute walk from Insti, Phoenix Marketcity has an assortment of eateries: from their food court to their specialised restaurants like Mainland China.
  4. Sangeetha Veg Restaurant: A classic among vegetarian restaurants, this is one place from where you can grab a fine masala dosa and filter coffee at reasonable costs.


Being in IITM gives you tonnes of options in regards to how you want to spend your evenings
Library and hostel rooms are the ideal spots for fulfilling their course requirements, finishing their academic work such as assignments, projects etc. and these places also serve as hotspots for group studies and discussions. Apart from your regular study routine based on lectures and assignments, you can get your hands dirty and apply the concepts learnt in classes to real-world problems. Who knows you might develop a full product. CFI is your best bet.
CFI (Centre For Innovation):
Have you ever wanted to sculpt your idea into a sustainable product? Have you ever wanted to participate in an international competition? Have you ever wanted to make a dent in the field of technological solutions? Then CFI is the new classroom for you. It’s a hub gravitated in the new academic complex having a vision of promoting informal learning to facilitate invention and innovation in technology, and to catalyse a positive change in the environment and society.

You will get the nourishment to your ideas in the fields ranging from FSAE, Autonomous Vehicles, Hyperloop, Mars-rover, Aero-modelling, Electronics, 3-D printing and in many more domains.

To know more, visit

Don’t let the boredom hit you, grab your friends and enjoy indoor sports such as TT, snooker, chess etc. and get yourself dirty by utilising all the outdoor sports facilities provided right in your hostel which include volleyball, badminton, basketball and many more. If you’re a music lover, then you have all the instruments you need to achieve inner peace in the music rooms. Furthermore, binge-watching becomes even more enjoyable along with friends in the TV rooms.

If all you want to do is roam around and enjoy the serene nature of our beautiful campus, pedal your bicycle around and get yourself some refreshment.

The world-class sports facilities at IITM include:
  • Cricket Chemplast Cricket Ground: The Indian cricket team has a close connection with the Chemplast cricket venue. The Chemplast cricket ground had the unique opportunity to host the Indian team during their 2011 World Cup for practices. Cricket legend, Sachin Tendulkar described it as the most scenic in the country. Chemplast is regularly visited by prominent personalities in the world of cricket.
  • Swimming Comprising of swimming and water polo, aquatics is quite a popular sport in IIT Madras. Owing to the great infrastructure facilities in the form of an Olympic sized pool, diving blocks, a beginners pool, water Polo balls and goal posts, IIT Madras has the perfect environment for one to learn swimming/water polo and even become a competitive sportsman.
  • Squash Considered the most difficult racquet sport, playing a game will leave you panting, dripping with sweat, doubled over, but still wanting more. The institute boasts two states of the art squash courts with a dedicated coach and an ever-growing squash community. You could be an enthusiast, professional or a beginner, insti has something for everyone.
  • Football It’s called the beautiful game and for a reason. It’s the most-watched sport in the world and the quality and love for this game is rapidly increasing in our country. Having one of the largest clubs in the Institute with students of all ages and departments, the football culture in the Institute is quite rich.
  • Volleyball With 2 Volleyball courts at your service, enthusiasm is all you need to pick up a ball and have a go at it. For the more advanced players, IIT Madras participates in various tournaments in and around Chennai, not to mention hosting some national tournaments themselves too.
  • Table Tennis Well, we have table tennis boards in almost all the hostels and a game between two friends is definitely a time you will cherish for long. At our gymkhana’s table tennis court, Master the precision that is required to play this game with fellow students who are also just starting like you and seniors who have won laurels for the college.
  • Badminton If you love badminton, then IITM is the place to be. Learn to hit powerful smashes. Develop lightning-quick reflexes at the IIT Madras Badminton club. With 4 world-class wooden courts and a passionate coach who is committed to training athletes at all levels, the badminton club offers something for everyone. No wonder the courts at SAC are always full.
  • Basketball It is one of the most played sports in the institute and has world-class facilities and courts. We have two enthusiastic coaches who strive to make sure the teams give their best every time they step onto the court.
  • Tennis
  • Skating
  • Weightlifting Dedication and discipline are the two most important things that are required in this test of human ballistic limits. The institute Gymkhana offers you all the facilities you need. Weightlifting could be just the right challenge that gives you the strength and fitness you have always wanted. If not, you could always just throw some weight around.
If you want to learn more about a sport, there are many sports clubs on the campus, one for every common form of sports. Moreover, IITM has a dedicated team of coaches who help you improve in every aspect of the game. To know more about sporting culture at IIT Madras, visit
  1. Manohar C Watsa-
    1. The stadium track has a “Class II Athletics facility Certification” by the International Associations of Athletic Federations (IAAF) and a walker pathway along the periphery of the track. It provides a unique experience amidst the forest cover.
  2. Gymkhana: Burn some calories.
    1. Fitness- The gymnasium has world class facilities and trained instructors who are there to help.
    2. Yoga: Asanas, relaxation, meditation focussed on developing harmony between mind, body and soul.


I am tired after a long day. I need to get some food. Head to one of these places to grab a bite-
  1. Mess
  2. North Indian Mess: The dinner here is a regular platter filled with some of the North Indian delicacies of paneer, rajma-chawal and pulao to name a few.
  3. South Indian Mess: If you are into dosa, unniyappam, uttapam, puttu with the quintessential sambar, chutney or podi and a variety of other South Indian cuisines, come here.
  4. Food Court: If you can’t decide “Should I have this chicken or this chicken or that chicken?” then you belong here. It comes with vegetarian, non-vegetarian and a whole lot of options to choose from.
  1. If you wish to spend the evening hanging out, relaxing or treating yourself. Consider exploring some of the eateries on campus-
  2. CCD- Cafe Coffee Day (10:00am- 00:00pm)
A go-to-coffee or a hangout spot. They have a cuppa for all with their frothy cappuccinos and classic brews, quirky ambience and at highly subsidised prices. A win-win.
  1. Himalaya Food Court – Krishnavilasam Restaurant, Coolbiz, The Chat Corner, Leo Fortune Bakers, Lara Fast Food.
These are the various eateries present within the food court. People come here for evening snacks, group treats, birthday cakes from Leo or merely to hang out with friends.
  1. Anjappar Chettinad (9:00-23:30)It is the in-house restaurant of insti. Present on the ground floor of ‘Quark’, the
  2. two-storeyed red brick building. Anjappar brings you the authentic cuisine of Chettinad. Its spicy and diverse menu is suited for vegetarians and non-vegetarians both, ranging from panner to seafood. This is the place if you get fed up with mess food and want to treat yourself or your friends.
  1. Food For Thought: It is a food court situated on the first floor of the campus cafe accommodating seven restaurants serving North Indian, South Indian, Chinese foods. Woss-FFT, Wow Momo-FFT

  1. Got your head buzzing with the day’s stress or intense quiz prep
  2. Delhi Avenue- a right from GC, if you come from hostel avenue. Take a stroll along the street, flanked by dense trees on either side of the road. It surely takes you away from the hustle-bustle of the day and cheers you up.
  3. Bonn Avenue- it runs parallel to Delhi Avenue and cuts through the faculty residential area. Cycling here in the quiet of the night, under the many banyan trees, is thrilling.
  1. Elliot’s beach, or “Bessy beach” as students prefer to call it.
It is the nearest beach to insti usually takes 18 min by a local bus outside the main gate. The place is peaceful before sunset, consider a trip to beat the heat during summer. Do not miss the corn on the cob and spring potatoes if you happen to visit.
  1. Sowcarpet and Parry’s-
These places boast of colonial charm and crowded stress. The speciality being the numerous food stalls tucked and small stores. It gives a gratifying and raw experience of street food around Chennai.
Late-night food:
  1. Sharav SFC- Cool Biz, Usha and the dosa shop. The Student Facility centre is often called ‘Shamu’ (after its deceased sibling tea stall near Himalaya). It is a go-to spot for midnight munchies. It houses Cool Biz (go for a quick drink), Usha- which offers Maggi, tea, coffee, veg/non-veg puffs, bread-omelette and cheese sandwiches.
  1. Himalaya SFC – the Cool Biz here stays open post-midnight. You can get a sweet lime soda or any of the variety of drinks they offer.
  1. Quark Canteen: The most favourite destination of the night howls in the institute. It is well known for serving a variety of mouthwatering snacks ranging from sandwiches, puffs, burgers, Namkeens, Biscuits to refreshing beverages. The canteen is embellished with a foosball table to make your night memorable.


Good morning! It’s the weekend (finally!). What would I like to do today?
  1. Exercise for once; my muscles think they can retire now – Exercise spots.
The hostels have their own Sports room, and if that doesn’t fill in your requirements, well… check out the rest!. We have:
  • an impressive IIT-Chemplast cricket ground
  • a vast stadium and a high-tech wood-floored multipurpose indoor stadium in the Students’ Activities’ Center (SAC).
    • And more; we couldn’t fit everything here. Now procrastination can be the only obstacle to fitness!
      1. Try out the weekend-special lunch here – Mess.
      We assure you, weekend lunch is a highlight of Insti food: it’s on Sundays that the mess they reveal the secret dishes we never expect after a week of regular mess food: the sweets, ice cream, the richest of the curries and perhaps even biryani – all for no extra money.
      1. Go for that event they’ve been advertising to me for days – On-campus events.
        1. Movie Night at OAT: Grab your tickets before Saturday 8 pm to watch the latest film in theatres at the OAT. If you’re lucky enough, perhaps you can watch a movie in the rain!
        2. Club Nights: IITM has around 16(?) clubs, and they host events throughout the year. Give your studying-worn brain a break and hop over to dance-offs from the Choreo Club. Or put your thinking hat and rack your brains with the Quiz Club’s events. Or don an entire costume for Informal Club’s Halloween Night.
        3. Shaastra: Shaastra is our annual technical festival, consisting of various engineering, science and technology competitions, summits, lectures, video conferences, exhibitions, demonstrations and workshops. With the Covid-19 global pandemic, Shaastra 2021 has shifted partially to hold events online. Now that you’re looking at this on your device, why don’t you check out Shaastra’s Spotlight Stay@Home Series on their YouTube channel?
        4. Saarang: Well, what can we say about IITM’s annual fest? All we say is that you wouldn’t want to miss these five days of competitions, shows and more!
      1. New city, new adventures! – Off-campus events
      Chennai is one of India’s biggest cities: so it shouldn’t surprise you that there are many places to go and many things to do. I.Travel: Our top places to visit For weekend-long trip destinations, the best areas include Pondicherry (visiting Pondy is an Insti rite of passage), Mahabalipuram, and Ubbalamadugu “Tada” Waterfalls. If local spots are your cup of tea, head out to Marina Beach, T. Nagar for your inner broke shopaholic and MGR Film City and Knowledge Park for your film enthusiast (we’d add Guindy National Park, but you’d get a sample view right in Insti ;)).
      1. No can do fun; I have an exam tomorrow – Central Library.
      The Central Library is the epitome of IITM’s education standards. Fully equipped with academic resources and spacious rooms, you find all sorts of people in the Central Library: from the researcher trying to source reliable information to students mugging up together for the next day’s exam.
  • Although insti will never bore you, but, if it ever does, no worries at all. Just put on your shoes and get on your bikes ready to venture into the unknown. Wait, don’t forget the snacks. There’s so much to explore around in this cyclist-friendly city.
  • Want some freshness? Turn your bikes towards the beaches and lakes. That soothing breeze is more than enough to make you forget the whole week’s fatigue.
  • Okay, so you want to keep moving? Nothing better than the East Coast Road, a straight track along the coast which every cyclist would crave for.
  • Things get even better when you’ve got a whole peloton with you and here Cycling Club, IIT Madras comes into play. They organise many events throughout the year for the cycling-lover inside us. Moreover, they organise trips to exotic locations in and around Chennai almost every week. Weekend plans sorted, simple.
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