IITM & University of Exeter JFBMP Partnership Application Form

    IITM Investigator Information
    1. What disciplines are involved?

    IITM collaborators Information

    Please provide details of all IITM collaborators, other than the Investigator

    1. IITM Collaborators Details 1

    2. IITM Collaborators Details 2

    3. IITM Collaborators Details 3

    4. IITM Collaborators Details 4

    5. IITM Collaborators Details 5

    University of Exeter Investigator Information
    1. University of Exeter collaborators Information

      Please provide details of all University of Exeter collaborators, other than the Investigator

      1. University of Exeter Collaborators Details 1

      2. University of Exeter Collaborators Details 2

      3. University of Exeter Collaborators Details 3

      4. University of Exeter Collaborators Details 4

      5. University of Exeter Collaborators Details 5

      Additional Collaborating Investigators

      (From any institution OTHER than IIT Madras or University of Exeter)

      *Funding has to be sourced from outside of the project. No funding from the JFBMP for non-IITM -affiliated faculty

      1. Additional Collaborators Details 1

      2. Additional Collaborators Details 2

    2. Purpose of Award (Max 250 words)

      Please briefly describe why you are applying for this funding.
      1. Provide a brief summary of what you propose to do during the award period
      2. Demonstrate how the application will help you achieve research, education, or internationalisation outcomes

      Evidence of Previous Collaboration (Max 250 words)

      Please provide evidence of previous exploratory work and contacts, and how this award will allow you to expand and develop these:
      1. Provide a brief summary of the history of your relationship. If this is a new relationship, explain why you hope to develop contact with the institution you will work with Include details of any successful grants, publications, or any other collaborative activity that has been undertaken to date.

      Proposed schedule (Max 250 words)

      1. Provide a detailed summary of what you plan to do during the visit or planned activity Be as specific as possible with dates and note if there is any flexibility in your proposed itinerary.

    3. Details of the expected tangible outcomes (Max 250 words)

      Please elaborate on the selected potential outcomes above and how its achievement will measured.Be as specific as possible. If you aim to publish an article as a result of the visit, list journals you plan to target. If you plan to submit a funding bid, include details of the potential funder and how much money you aim to apply for

      Climate Emergency and Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Considerations (max 100 words)

      Ensure that you have considered the Climate Emergency when arranging any travel and include details of how this activity will be delivered in the most sustainable way possible. If this partnership will make any positive contributions to the climate emergency or EDI agenda, please summarise them briefly here

      Documents to upload
    4. Project timeline and budget form download here- https://old.ge.iitm.ac.in/wp-content/uploads/2023/10/Project-Timeline-Budget-expenses-details-IITM-Exeter.docx

    5. Note:The CV of the Investigators (no more than 2 pages) should include:
      Qualifications, current position and brief employment history
      10 career-best publications
      Awards and relevant presentations
      Current grant income
      Collaborative track record (limited to 200 words)

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