IITM & NTNU University JFBMP Partnership Application Form

    IITM Investigator Information
    1. What disciplines are involved?

    IITM collaborators Information
  • Please provide details of all IITM collaborators, other than the Investigator

    1. IITM Collaborators Details 1

    2. IITM Collaborators Details 2

    3. IITM Collaborators Details 3

    4. IITM Collaborators Details 4

    5. IITM Collaborators Details 5

    NTNU University Investigator Information
  • NTNU University collaborators Information

    Please provide details of all NTNU University collaborators, other than the Investigator

    1. NTNU University Collaborators Details 1

    2. NTNU University Collaborators Details 2

    3. NTNU University Collaborators Details 3

    4. NTNU University Collaborators Details 4

    5. NTNU University Collaborators Details 5

    Additional Collaborating Investigators
  • (From any institution OTHER than IIT Madras or NTNU University)

    *Funding has to be sourced from outside of the project. No funding from the JFBMP for non-IITM -affiliated faculty

    1. Additional Collaborators Details 1

    2. Additional Collaborators Details 2

  • Selection Criteria

    Please address the following 3 criteria:

    Quality and Relevance

    Clearly describe the objectives and methodology to be employed with the project. The alignment with strategic priorities and the objectives of the funding scheme will be considered in combination with the soundness of the concept and credibility of the proposed methodology.Explain how the participants in the research team will bring together the necessary expertise to carry out the project. The 2-page CVs of the Chief Investigators will be taken into consideration.

  • Execution

    Elaborate on the workplan and milestones outlined in the timeframe (there are separate sections in the application form for an outline of activities in the Timeline and Budget). Proposed timeframes and budget estimates should be realistic and appropriate. The long-term plan for engagement to attract research funding and produce publications will be taken into consideration. This section should also address the appropriateness of the allocation of tasks, ensuring that all participants (including PhD students, postdocs, Early and Mid-Career Researchers (EMCR), and any researchers on Sabbatical Leave) have a valid role and there are adequate resources in the project to enable them to fulfil that role.

  • Impact

    Outline what the participants will gain from the project and how it will contribute to the discipline and field of research. Explain how the project will establish or strengthen a durable cooperation between the universities and participants. Explain how the project will impact beyond the academic sphere (i.e. benefit society, address global challenges, Sustainable Development Goals, etc.). Explain how the project activities and results will be communicated to different target audiences.

  • Future development of the collaboration

    300-word write-up on how you intend to further cultivate this collaboration and develop it, beyond this seed programme

  • How many publications are you expecting to result from this project?

    Eg. Journal Articles, Conference Proceedings, Book Chapter, Research Report for External Body, Patents,etc.

  • Documents to download
  • Project timeline and budget form download here- https://old.ge.iitm.ac.in/wp-content/uploads/2023/10/Project-Timeline-budget-expenses-details-IITM-USyd.docx

  • Documents to upload

  • Note:The CV of the Investigators (no more than 2 pages) should include:
    Qualifications, current position and brief employment history
    10 career-best publications
    Awards and relevant presentations
    Current grant income
    Collaborative track record (limited to 200 words)

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