The IIT Madras and AARDO Scholarships Form

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Please read the following instructions before filling and submitting the form:

  1. You are applying to the Master of Science by Research (MS) Degree program. Please check that you meet the eligibility criteria before applying.
  2. Documents submitted in a foreign language should be accompanied by a full English language translation. The translation should be certified by the translator and bear their certification credentials.
  3. Please go through the list of projects and select 1-3 projects in your areas of interest.
  4. Each project has a code and may/ may not have a question for you to answer as a requirement. Share the project code and complete the requirements for each project you choose in the relevant section of the form.
  5. Merge documents if you need to attach more than one file.
  6. Upload an official passport-sized photo.
  7. Please note that filling this form does not mean that you have been selected for the program.
  8. Please write to if you require any assistance.


    IITM and AARDO Scholarships Form
    1. Do you have a long-term health condition, disability, specific learning difficulty or mental
      health condition?

    Passport Details
    Program and Stay Details
    Education Details


    Undergraduate Degree
    Postgraduate Degree
    Work Experience
    Additional Information
  • Document upload (pdf)
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