e-GRIESHMA Program

About the Program

It is a virtual internship program in Global Research Internship in Engineering Science Humanities and Management that gives final year undergraduate or post graduate international students an opportunity to do an online internship in their field of interest at IIT Madras

Application Deadline

Interested to join this program?




Mr. Alexander Daniel Corral Ward University of New South Wales, Australia

I have been working with Prof Nirav Bhatt on a computational biology research project. The aim of the project is to design a model capable of predicting fitness values for enzymes given a protein sequence.

We have been meeting virtually on a weekly basis, and the work has involved a lot of reading and research as well as some technical tasks. I have learnt a lot about different types of deep learning models and their applications in a computational biology context.


What is the duration of this virtual internship program and approximately how many hours per week will the students work on the projects? Is it possible for the program to be structured so that the student receives credits?

The program is flexible and is typically of a duration of 8-12 weeks. If your students require to complete a certain number of hours to meet credit requirements, we can help to structure the program accordingly. Students can opt to complete the course at 20 hours a week (half time) or 40 hours a week (full time). This information can be specified in the statement of purpose (SOP) provided by the student. We also welcome internship applications for longer durations of 5-6 months in certain cases.

Is this program open to all institutions?

The e-GRIESHMA internship is a virtual program which is open to all institutions (including those we do not currently have an MoU with).

Are there any costs for the students?

There is no cost to be borne by the student or their institute as the program is virtual. Since it is virtual there is no stipend provided.

Our university has a compulsory international mobility for its students. Can students come to IITM at some point?

Students can share in their SOP if they are willing to come to IITM physically at a later time. We would be very happy to work on the modalities then. This may be particularly useful for certain institutions where international mobility is compulsory.

How would prospective internees contact potential supervisors at IITM ? Also, would there be interest in co-supervision, or involvement of our academics in the internship ?

Students are to indicate their reason for applying and broad areas of research interest in the SOP. IITM will carefully match them with the best aligned faculty and department/ centre of Excellence for mentoring. On selection, we will issue an offer letter which includes a contract to the student. If the student’s supervisor/ guide wishes to jointly supervise the internship, please indicate this in the SOP too. A template of the Offer Letter & Contract is attached.



Ms. Caroline Wilson

Associate program administrator
Global Academic Activities
Email: inbound2@old.old.ge.iitm.ac.in
Telephone: 044-2257 4928

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